Treating Kidney Disease Naturally

You can Treat Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats Naturally What is Kidney Disease? Kidney disease and kidney failure in dogs and cats are extremely common diseases in dogs and cats. The kidneys in pets function to help to filter water as well as other nutrients in the body. How do you know if your [...]

Treating Laryngeal Paralysis Naturally

You Can Treat Dog’s Laryngeal Paralysis Naturally My dog’s bark is gone and he breathes really loudly.  Is it laryngeal paralysis “lar par”?  How do I know? Laryngeal Paralysis has very serious symptoms including heavy panting and difficulty breathing. Fortunately, it is possible to treat laryngeal paralysis in dogs naturally at our Fort Lauderdale clinic! [...]

Pet Insurance for your Dog or Cat

What is pet insurance? Affordable pet insurance has been a deep passion of mine since before Veterinary School.  I want to take this time to educate you on the importance of pet insurance for your dog or cat or dog health insurance. Pet insurance policies tend to include deductibles, copayments, and premiums.  HOWEVER, unlike human [...]

What Should I Feed My Pet – Pets Are What They Eat!

Did you know that gut health of your pet affects your pet’s mental and physical health?  You are what you eat as they say! Just like humans, pets benefit from nutritional supplements and a balanced, healthy diet.  For example, fish oils are beneficial for your pet’s coat, cognitive function, kidney, heart, and joint health.  They [...]

Infrared Imaging (Thermography) for Pets – Giving a voice to your pet!

Infrared Imaging (Thermography) for Pets - Giving a voice to your pet! What is Infrared imaging? Infrared imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic tool used to demonstrate the distribution of temperature on the skin in order to localize areas of inflammation and pain in cats and dogs.  It is often difficult to recognize signs of pain, [...]