Dog rehabilitation and physical therapy in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Pet Rehab and Exercise Center

Healing Paws Center is a veterinary rehabilitation and acupuncture clinic conveniently located in the Fort Lauderdale / Wilton Manors area.  Visit Dr. Jessie at this holistic veterinary practice off Oakland Park Blvd near Dixie Hwy, and restore your pet’s health and mobility!

Types of Treatments for Pet Rehabilitation

Dr. Jessica Dreyfuss, also known as “Dr. Jessie,” and her skilled team at Healing Paws Center offer the latest in animal healing, holistic, and therapeutic treatments and services in rehabilitation and physical therapy including:

Healing Paws Fort Lauderdale has a certified rehabilitation team that will examine and evaluate your pet to formulate an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan for your pet family.

All of our treatments are prescribed and directed by a veterinarian, and we will work with your current veterinarian to complement your pet’s ongoing treatment plan. 

Common Candidates For Dog Rehabilitation in our Fort Lauderdale Clinic

Veterinary candidates include but are not limited to:

Underwater Treadmill (Hydrotherapy)

Healing Paws Center Underwater treadmill therapy (UWTM) is utilized to help pets . . .

  • Return to function sooner after orthopedic/neurologic surgery
  • Improve muscle strength, joint range of motion, and endurance
  • Get into the best shape of their life!

This therapy is especially beneficial in that the buoyancy of the water allows for reduced weight-bearing so that challenged pets can use the affected limb(s) without pain or stress on a certain joint or bone.

Additionally, the inherent viscosity of the water allows for increased proprioception (sensation of where one’s limbs are).

The warm water of the treadmill also allows for muscle relaxation, increased flexibility of connective tissue, and reduced joint swelling, just like a warm bath.

Healing Paws Center Underwater Treadmill Therapy helps pets recovering from surgery, senior pets, and pet athletes keep their mobility and fitness strong!

What conditions can be treated with UWTM?

  • Pain management including but not limited to arthritis, back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, intervertebral disc disease, hip dysplasia, post-knee (CCL) surgery, etc.
  • Tendon/ligament and joint problems (such as cranial cruciate ligament ruptures)
  • Neurological disorders (intervertebral disc disease resulting from a herniated disc, degenerative myelopathy, nerve paralysis or damage)
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Geriatric care (difficulty getting up or laying down, difficulty getting into or out of the car, difficulty going for walks or getting outside to go for walks, etc.)
  • Overweight
  • Post-operative amputee

One of the most common conditions we rehabilitate is pre-operative or post-operative cranial crucial ligament (CCL) repairs – including post-operative TPLO surgery, Extra-capsular suture stabilization surgery, TTA surgery.  Underwater Treadmill Therapy allows for careful motion in a low-weight bearing environment so that your pet can strengthen his/her muscles and tendons around the joint, while maintaining strength and balance in the rest of the body.

Dogs who use the UWTM post-surgery recover MUCH more quickly after surgery.

Would my healthy pet benefit from Underwater Treadmill Therapy?

Studies have shown that pets that are in tip-top shape live longer than their overweight or less-than-perfect shape counterparts.

Your canine athlete will benefit from conditioning in an underwater treadmill for muscle strengthening and cardiovascular endurance.

Help your pet get into the best shape with underwater treadmill therapy!  Click here to learn more about our Doggie Fitness Program.

Is the Underwater Treadmill different from taking my dog to swim in the pool, ocean, or lake?

Yes!  Our Underwater Treadmill allows for a slowed, low-impact gait which can only be safely achieved in these controlled conditions.

With this therapy, we can improve range of motion (so your pet can jump into your car), decrease pain (so your pet can get up on their own without any help), and retrain gait (so your pet can make it that extra block on their daily walk).

We control the water depth, walking speed of the treadmill, and presence/absence of resistance jets with our Underwater Treadmill.

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