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Welcome to Healing Paws Center

Healing Paws offers unique care — we call it holistic vet care — for pet lovers seeking experts in pet acupuncture, rehabilitation/physical therapy, nutrition, herbal medicine, and holistic therapies.

We are a Certified holistic veterinary practice in Fort Lauderdale. Our doctors have pursued extensive post-doctoral specialty training in pet acupuncture, rehabilitation/physical therapy, nutrition, herbal remedies, and holistic medicine.

Our goal is to add more life to their years and more years to their life.

“The dog that I had known for so many years is back, and every day that I get to spend with him is a gift. I’m so glad I called Jessie and let her work with Dante. Highly recommended – if your dog is suffering, give her a call.”
Dante’s human guardian, Read More
“I wanted to reflect on how finding Dr. Dreyfuss, a Veterinarian whose expertise in Animal Acupuncture as well as traditional western veterinary medicine, has been a Godsend to me.”
Cooper's Human Guardian, Read More
“Ridge, my 13-year-old gorgeous Golden Retriever, had begun demonstrating trouble getting up and walking around. I sought out Dr. Jessie for acupuncture treatment to see if we could help his arthritis and difficulty moving.”
Ridge’s Human Guardians, Read More
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