Pet herbal therapy in Fort Lauderdale

Learn More About Herbal Therapy for Your Pet

Chinese herbal therapies provide a natural way to enhance your pet’s health.  Herbal therapies can be combined with other treatment modalities to treat cancer, behavior issues, skin conditions, orthopedic issues (arthritis), and more!

Dr. Jessie combines herbal therapy with acupuncture and food therapy for improved, long-term beneficial effects on quality of life.

What forms do herbal therapy come in?

Herbal medications for pets can come in capsules, powder, biscuits, or tea pills (pills smaller than the size of your pinky finger-nail). The herbal formulations at Healing Paws are composed of precise combinations of Chinese herbs, and each herbal medication is specifically chosen based on your pet’s diagnosis and clinical symptoms.

We only purchase our herbal supplements from reliable, top-quality companies (such as Jing Tang Herbal) that perform regular quality control standards, and are made in the US.

Can my pet be on this herbal therapy and his other medications?

Yes!  Herbal therapies can be utilized in conjunction with Western treatments.  Certain herbal remedies can enhance the effectiveness of Western medications.

Are there side effects of herbal therapy?

Most commonly, there are no side effects of herbal remedies.  However, it is always possible to experience GI upset when starting a new medication – even herbal or Western medication.  If your pet experiences GI upset, then the herbal therapy dose is too strong and the total dosage should be reduced, and then slowly increased.

Featured Herbal Therapy: Body Sore (Jing Tang Herbal)

This herbal therapy is formulated to decrease the arthritis pain.  It is a unique blend of more than 15 Chinese herbs – including Angelica, Carthamus, Myrrh, and Epimedium.  Dr. Jessie typically utilizes this herbal therapy in conjunction with acupuncture to achieve the best results for your pet. 

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