What can Homeopathy for Dogs and Cats (and other pets) Treat?

Homeopathy for dogs and cats in Fort Lauderdale can be utilized to treat a wide variety of ailments. It is based on the concept that “like cures like.” The word “Homeopathy” is derived from the Greek “homios” meaning “similar.” Homeopathy for cats and dogs has been utilized for hundreds of years.

Homeopathy is very different from Western medicine as it chooses a remedy based on the symptoms of the pet, not the disease. It is this vital difference that defines the epitome of Homeopathy. Homeopathies can be utilized for acute AND chronic conditions including but not limited to:

  • Dog and cat arthritis and pain
  • Dog and cat cancer
  • Skin allergies
  • Digestive issues
  • Respiratory issues
  • Dog and cat cancer
  • And much, much more!

Nux vomica is a great homeopathic for vomiting and diarrhea.

Nikita’s Story

Little Nikita was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma and – instead of reaching for radiation and chemotherapy – her owners chose weekly to twice weekly Subcutaneous ozone therapy and mistletoe injections.

At Healing Paws Center, we utilize Mistletoe (Viscum album) injections to attack cancer. The National Institute of Health (NIH) National Cancer Institute describes how mistletoe extract has been utilized extensively based on comprehensive studies in individuals with cancer, ranging from breast cancer to pancreatic cancer to lung cancer and more. Research has demonstrated that mistletoe holds both anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

What is Homeopathy for Dogs and Cats?

Homeopathic remedies are generally offered as tiny round pellets, granules, liquids, or more. The remedies are made from animal, mineral, or vegetable sources. With each production step, the remedy is diluted by a factor of 10 or more, and then the substance endures succussions until prepared. The potency of a homeopathic corresponds with the dilutions and succussions it has been subjected to.

The American Veterinary Medical Association considers veterinary homeopathy to be the practice of veterinary medicine and only licensed veterinarians can legally practice this care. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes homeopathy as the fastest growing and the 2nd largest system of medicine.

Determining the best and most appropriate homeopathy for your pet requires a physical examination as well as in-depth history review. In-depth history review can include emotional well-being, medical history, allergies, drinking/eating habits, and much more. You may be required to keep a written history of your pet’s activities. As there are over 2,500 homeopathic medicines currently, the consultation is essential in order for our holistic veterinarians to select the best homeopathy for your dog or cat. Our holistic veterinarians utilize experience, training, and the “Materia Medica” to hone in on the best remedy for your pet.

The frequency of administration and dose of homeopathy depends on the condition of the pet. Homeopathy can require that the patient receive a second or even third dose of the substance. The longer the pet has had the illness, the longer it will take to provide relief for that issue. Homeopathy for cats and dogs utilizes the “law of minimum dose” – this means that the lower the dose of medicine, the greater it’s effectiveness.

Dr. Danielle is Certified in Homeopathics and teaches at Bioethicus Institute – Brazil. We utilize this form of energetic medicine daily with cats and dogs.

Arnica Montana is a commonly used Homeopathic for pain in dogs and cats.

How does Homeopathy for dogs and cats work?

Homeopathy for dogs and cats can be utilized to treat a wide variety of ailments. It is based on the concept that “like cures like.”

Homeopathy is very different from Western medicine as it chooses a remedy based on the symptoms of the pet, not the disease.

Homeopathy works with the body to enhance its own natural healing ability.

If you think your dog or cat may be a candidate for homeopathy treatments, request an appointment here so we can evaluate your pet.


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