How can Magnetic Pain Relief Therapy help my pet?

This new medical treatment for small animals effectively treats:

Why do we recommend this therapy?

  • More than 83% of treated patients in peer-reviewed, double-blind studies have demonstrated significant improvement.
  • This technology has gone through numerous scientifically rigorous clinical trials, and has demonstrated repeatable results on humans in peer-reviewed, double-blind studies published in Harvard Medical Journal as well as Johns Hopkins Medical Journal.
  • Magnetic pain relief therapy is widely utilized across Europe and rest of the world.

What is magnetic pain relief therapy?

This therapy consists of pulsed signals that mimic the normal, healthy physiological signals transmitted by the body into the joints – electrically, this encourages the repair of damaged cells and promotes the body’s natural repair process.

Specifically, the signals create a streaming voltage potential in the extracellular matrix via forced movement of hydrogen protons – this movement stimulates the chondrocytes in the joint.

While most drugs can only treat the side-effects of the problem (pain, inflammation) – this therapy addresses on the root of the problem: the breakdown of cartilage and joint tissue!

Why is this therapy so impressive?

  • **This is the ONLY non-invasive, totally painless therapy that exists for animals to regenerate Type II collagen and bone cartilage.
    • This technology utilizes the body’s ability to heal itself!
  • It will take 2-12 weeks for the full effect to accumulate.
  • However, we have seen improvement within 4 treatments in most of our patients!
  • Acupuncture, laser, and other alternative treatments can be performed immediately after your pet has finished the series of treatment.
  • This therapy offers Minimal COST with Maximum Benefit!

What does the treatment entail?

There are two treatment protocols:

  1. 1st OPTION: 9 sessions of 30 minute treatment each performed on consecutive days.
  2. SECOND OPTION: 8 sessions of 30 minute treatment session performed twice a day for 4 days with at least 6-8 hours apart


We are now offering limited day boarding option for this service.

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