Before and After Acupuncture Video

Watch our video showing how much acupuncture has helped our patients recover and live their best lives!

Acupuncture For Kitty Neurological Condition “Cerebellar Abioplasia”

Chia has a very rare neurological disorder called cerebellar abioplasia. With acupuncture and laser therapy, we have been able to keep Chia’s pain at bay and she can enjoy her day to day activities.

Bunny Acupuncture

Why yes, bunnies can also have acupuncture to help with GI issues, back pain, and much, much more! This little one receives acupuncture regularly for her advanced arthritis!

Acupuncture for Cats

Meet Baxter – a kitty who had a severe spinal issue- and needed our help to start walking again!

Overview of Acupuncture for Your Pet

Acupuncture is a great option for all of your pets! Watch this video to learn more about acupuncture!

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