Hansel and Disc Herniation

Hansel developed a herniated disc and was in a lot of pain! Through rehabilitation and hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill therapy) as herniated disc treatments, Hansel was able to start walking again and run with his brother!

Martie’s Journey

Meet Martie, a pup in a suit case! She arrived to our clinic in a lot of pain from suspected herniated disc. We utilized acupuncture, laser therapy, and more! After 1 treatment of acupuncture she started walking again!

Holistic Therapy for Herniated Disc in Dogs

Pippa had a hemilaminectomy (spinal surgery for herniated disc) but was still having trouble getting up and walking after surgery. With twice weekly acupuncture and physical therapy, she was able to start standing and running with her sister again!

Physical Therapy for Dog Disc Herniation

Brewster had a hemilaminectomy (spinal surgery for herniated disc). We used infrared imaging to target his painful spots. He did strengthening exercises during PT and slowly started to improve! When he was ready, we started underwater treadmill therapy. Now look at him!!

Bentley’s Story

“I can’t say enough good things about the Healing Paws Center.  Bentley has many areas of his vertebrae (herniated disc and disc malformations) that did not form correctly, when he would walk periodically he would cry out in pain and surgery was not an option due to the vast amount of areas it is in.   

He was referred to Healing Paws for therapy and I can tell you the huge difference it has made in how he walks and he rarely cries from pain.  I have recommended Dr Jessie to my friend who also has 2 Frenchies and one who suffers with a spinal issue also.  I couldn’t be happier driving Bentley 30 minutes for his therapy and would recommend Dr. Jessie and her staff to any pet owner.”


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