Articles about living a happier, healthier life with your pet. Could be tips, could be great places to exercise together, could be listicles like “7 Household Products to Keep Away From Your Cat”.

Healing Pet Arthritis Holistically

Written By Dr. Jessie Dreyfuss, DVM, CVA, CCRT If you have ever owned a pet, you have come to realize the typical signs of aging – slow to get into and out of the car, more reluctant to get up off that comfy bed or sofa in the morning, sleeping more often and for longer, [...]

How to Know If Your Pet Needs Physical Rehabilitation

Just like humans, animals start to become more stiff and less flexible as they age.  As a result, most older animals tend to move more slowly (and with less enthusiasm) than when they were young.  Pet physical therapy (rehabilitation) for dogs, cats, and more (even bunnies!) allows us as human guardians to help keep our [...]

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