Did you know that gut health of your pet affects your pet’s mental and physical health?  You are what you eat as they say!

Just like humans, pets benefit from nutritional supplements and a balanced, healthy diet.  For example, fish oils are beneficial for your pet’s coat, cognitive function, kidney, heart, and joint health.  They also help to reduce overall inflammation in the body.  A balanced diet made for your pet’s individual needs may help your pet that has a sensitive stomach or to meet the needs of your pet athlete.

OK, so what great nutritional supplements should my pet be on, and where do I find them?

As a veterinarian trained in holistic animal medicine, I select products that are specifically formulated according to the highest research-based standards, AND held to strict quality control standards.  It is very important that ANY supplement you give your pet follows strict quality control and go through rigorous testing to make sure what they say on the label is true to what is in the bottle!  We should hold our pet’s supplements to the same standard as our own supplements!

Additionally, I create an individualized pet supplement based on the pet’s health requirements and overall physical examination.  Here at Healing Paws Center, I recommend investing in the research-based products we select – each product is specially vetted, and chosen with your pet in mind.

Products we recommend include:

  • Nordic Naturals Omega-3 fatty acids (fish based Omega-3-fatty acids with high dose of EPA and DHA)
  • Yunnan Baiyo (Chinese Herbal Therapy)
what to feed your dog

Concentrated fish oil is a GREAT source of omega-3-fatty acids for pets. These lower inflammation in the body.

what to feed your dog

Yunnan Baiyo is a powerful anti-cancer herb.

How do I make a balanced diet?  I’m interested in home-cooking for my dog or cat, or creating a top dressing but I don’t know where to start. 

Home-cooking for your pet is an opportunity to improve your pet’s overall health!  However, I strongly recommend consulting with us before starting your pet’s diet.  We work with a Board-certified Veterinary Nutritionist to create an individualized, BALANCED home-cooked recipe.  This means that the diet is balanced for micronutrients and vitamins – including Vitamin D, phosphorus, and calcium.

Your 10-month old Golden retriever puppy has different vitamin and micronutrient needs than your 10-year-old Boxer!  A lack of the appropriate micronutrients and vitamins can result in serious health conditions and problems.

If you are interested in making a balanced homemade diet and/or interested in beneficial nutritional supplements for your pet, call Healing Paws Center today to book an appointment with one of our holistic veterinarians!

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