How to Know If Your Pet Needs Physical Rehabilitation

Just like humans, animals start to become more stiff and less flexible as they age.  As a result, most older animals tend to move more slowly (and with less enthusiasm) than when they were young.  Pet physical therapy (rehabilitation) for dogs, cats, and more (even bunnies!) allows us as human guardians to help keep our [...]

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The Best Training Partner | Fun, Safe Exercise with your Dog

Your dog needs to get their daily dose of exercise, and depending on the breed, more than just once a day. What better way for you to get exercise too than to do it with your dog? Enjoying fun exercise with your dog is not only a necessity for both yours and your dog’s health, but [...]

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Did you know Acupuncture can be utilized to treat Cancer and Cancer pain?

It is not provocative to suggest that we can treat cancer in pets using acupuncture. The National Cancer Institute advocates the practice of acupuncture for human cancer patients and documents that it can be utilized to control pain and relieve nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, and more.  Additionally, the National Institute of Health (NIH) Consensus Statement [...]

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